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Code Zero Yachts

Code Zero Yachts is another collaboration with Vision Marketing in Bordon, Hampshire. They were asked to produce a killer website and Vision Marketing asked me to take care of the branding. Code Zero Yachts offer yacht vacations all over the world in some of the finest yachts available, and so they asked for branding that would set them apart, whilst being really simple, very straightforward and easily adaptable to any environment or application. They also wanted it to have a nautical feel, be very modern and give the a refined, exclusive, look and feel. To create the branding I took inspiration from sails, from the globe, and I also wanted to work in the letter 'C' and a numerical '0' to represent 'Zero' but I wanted all of this to be super subtle. I also wanted the branding to be obviously bespoke and show a huge amount of attention to detail, right down to the fully bespoke font.

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