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Matt Lowe Design

Matt Lowe


Matt Lowe Design

Alfie Lowe

Marketing Manager

Who am I?

Well, actually, Matt Lowe Design is very much a team of two. There’s me, Matt Lowe, and my brilliant little boy Alfie Lowe who joined the team in 2019. Alfie’s official title is Marketing Manager, but it’s more of an executive role to be honest. His real focus has always been more on walks, belly rubs, biscuits and making me laugh rather than marketing, but he’s massively improved the way I live and the way I work, especially during lockdown, and for that I’ll be eternally grateful. We're based in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, England, and occasionally we reach out for help from tried and trusted collaborators based in different places around the world, but because I'm so bloody picky and detail obsessed, I keep it in-house as much as possible.

What do I do?

I help businesses develop their logos, brands, and online presences. I work from eyes open to eyes closed rather than 9-5 so that people know they can always get in touch. I’ve created work for start-ups, SME’s, charities, other designers, advertising agencies, and even award-winning film production companies. So, no matter the size, type, or location of your business, I can create design work that will elevate your business and attract positive attention.

What drives me?

I want to help businesses of all shapes and sizes create logos, brands, and websites that are different and better. I try to work creatively so that people fall in love with my work. I really enjoy giving people that ‘wow’ moment when they see the work I’ve created for their business. Helping people achieve a fantastic logo, brand, or website for a really reasonable price gives me a real buzz.

What keeps me sane?

When I’m not designing stuff, I like to fill the ‘old’ lungs with fresh air, and you can often find me and Alfie up in the Peak District, wandering around aimlessly. There’s nothing finer than exploring the incredible landscape, letting the wind blow straight through you, and pressing the brain reset button so that the creativity can flow more easily. We’re also food obsessed, boxset obsessed and we’re always on the look-out for a good podcast.

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